Friday, October 28, 2011

Extreme Mini Makeover!

Oh, the colors of the 80's! My poor Beacon Hill was subjected to the teal and aqua color scheme that would be just right for an episode of Golden Girls but NOT for a classy lady like the Beacon Hill! In my 12 year old eyes though it was perfect :)

For those of you who like to know the backstory of how the Beacon Hill became mine, here are my former posts: Christmas and Here. It was quite a challenge finding just the right color for the exterior (chronicled here) but the interior was even more desperately in need of some serious makeover work!!
Ah, that's getting better! How did I get there? So glad that you asked!
A few layers of Gesso and a calming shade of "Hearth" by Martha Stewart tinted with a bit of white, and I was ready to begin adding some architectural details. The crown molding and baseboard is from Manchester Woodworks' Ebay store but I took a low tech and low budget way to add the wainscoting details.
The wider wood pieces are just strip wood from the craft store and the rounded edges for adding a sort of bullnose edge and to fill in the annoying gaps in the bay windows are made from...
Bamboo skewers from the grocery store! Fifty for $1... how's that for a deal? :)
And here it is painted, although still looking rather rough. I'm not sure if white is the best of if I should go with the deep shade of green on the baseboards for a more 1920's authentic look?? I'd love your input!


  1. I love the transformation! You have done wonders with this house so far. I look forward to seeing what you have planned for the rest of the room. I love the colors that you have chosen too. They are perfect for a Victorian house!!

  2. I love your colors and the transformation. I love how you used the skewers to "round" things off. Great idea and one I will use in the future.

  3. Good choice of colours and I love to see the 'work in progress' photos. Gill x

  4. How very clever, I too love to see the work in progrss photos

    Marisa :)



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