Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Room Next Door

I've shifted next door from the main classroom and moved to the foyer. For those of us who know and love the Beacon Hill, it has a wonderful turned staircase that I fell in love with as a child. It takes up quite a bit of space but adds a little architectural interest to the room. I added some more wainscoting for more interest too :)I'm using PA dutch style colors which I love but I've got a decision to make and I'd love your advice! If I place this bookcase or one scaled down a bit, it creates more of a cozy room feel, allows me to display books and objects and creates a nook behind it for students to hang jackets and lunchpails.
This picture below is without the bookcase. (Ignore the weird paint job on the doors!) I'm not even sure if I should leave the stairs wood or not? If I had the woodworking skills I would rebuild the stair railings... maybe in the future!
and again, with the bookcase below. I'm leaning towards the bookcase... what do you think?


  1. I know what you mean about having shelving for display, I am a great fan of shelving, but you would then hide all the wonderful work you have done on the staircase which would be such a shame.
    I think I would place a smaller, open sided unit under the stairs or perhaps a couple of open crates where the books, shoes or even lost property could be displayed?
    The staircase needs to be seen!

  2. I like the bookcase it adds more interest but i also agree it hides the fabulous stairs too much, pails and fabulosities would be hard to see behind it...i agree with Janice...maybe a smaller version where it is now or under the stairs...Owning 2 Beacon Hills myself i'm loving this project!!! :D Linda x

  3. estoy de acuerdo con Janice, esa escalera debe ser vista

  4. Definitely a bookcase for all the reasons you stated but something a but more scaled down so it doesn't overwhelm the space.

    Lovely project!

  5. I must agree. The bookcase does overwhelm the space and hides the stairs. A small version under the stair case would be nice. Mini Hugs! LJ

  6. I love the Beacon Hills, wish I would have one by myself! Yours look great so far. I would agree that the bookcase hides the wonderful staircase... looking forward to see how you decide and how it develops :)



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