Saturday, March 5, 2011

On a Roll with Scratch Building

Hello all! After a very busy few weeks, I finally decided to sit down and relax with minis! It was one of those days where one item after another comes together. I made this hall bench below that will have hooks for coats and maybe a pair of boots below. It's just popsicle sticks and a couple "slices" of chunky molding for the shaped brackets below. The real finish will come later...This little three legged table just flew together although still unfinished too. It is a round piece of wood, veneer that I cut with scrapbooking scissors and the ends of three bamboo chopsticks.

This little girl's trunk is far from finished but I'm having fun with the girly details. I may make a tutorial on the easiest way to make a decorative paper box like in the bottom right of this trunk, if anyone's interested.
The shelf laying on its side was fun too! I used easy to cut balsa for the curvy top and the bottom is made of part of a Michael's hutch. Now back to my corner hutch building...


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