Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Westville Boy's Room

The little boy's room in the Westville is more of a nook. This is a slightly older picture to show you more of the furniture... a tad girly but he's stuck with it! The items (trophy, car, football) on the shelf are all charms that I found at a bead store. He's outgrowing the toddler's toy train so that will be put away... See the next picture in this post for a more updated look...The picture below was taken more recently with more lived-in details. The Lincoln log house is just made of toothpicks. It took way too much time to make! Every notice that minis take more time than real life items? The sideboard is part of a Michael's hutch that I painted Pennsylvania dutch style. The rug is a fabric bookmark. The "painting" of toy soldiers is an asparagus label from Graphic 45 scrapbooking paper! I love that brand!


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