Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mini and Major Accomplishments

Hi all! There has been a slight lull in my posts because this last weekend I graduated with my masters degree in education :) Whoo hoo!! I somehow managed to do it while being a teacher, wife, and mother and now look forward to a few less nights burning the midnight oil reading heavy textbooks. I learned so much, but it will be nice to just stay up because I want to and not because a paper is due. Freedom!

Thanks for all the responses to my previous post about whether my little cabinet should be hung or be a sideboard; great thoughts! I love that these blogs become a mini-community! I've really appreciated your honest input and support and sharing your own gifts too. Minis and this blog community has become such a stress reliever and creative outlet. Thanks for bringing a "little" balance to my life. (Forgive the pun!)

In the minis world, I've been working on adding architectural details to my Beacon Hill (which I will write about soon), but for a smaller project, I'm also working on a little girl's travel trunk. While the bunny I attempted is far too embarrassing to post right now, this is the first doll that I've made. I'm still learning!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weathered and Worn Paint

I love the look of weathered and chipped paint. I originally designed this piece to be hung on the wall but then I flipped it over for a moment and then discovered that I kind of liked it as a stand-alone sideboard. What do you think? Remember you can click the pictures for a closer look.


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