Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Second Painting Secret!

A new follower sent a comment asking about my Orchid's bedroom trunk and wished that she could see it closer. Well, Sans, and other miniature friends, here you go! You can click on this to enlarge it. Careful, this lets you see the errors too! :) This ability to enlarge photos applies in almost all of my posts, except for very early ones when I didn't understand the formatting.

The first painting secret I shared was to use dots. So would you like to know the second painting secret that I use? Scroll down... The secret is stamps. Simple enough, right? Most "secrets" are. This intricate design is made by a scrapbooking stamp and then carefully painted using toothpicks and pins. I've grown in my ability to do that tiny kind of painting since doing this trunk but this would be any easy enough technique that you could apply in your own mini work. For a different effect you could use differing colors of ink and skip the painting. First, apply the inks directly to the stamp. Since this takes a minute or two, if the ink starts to dry, don't worry. When you are ready to stamp blow your breath on it (a huff like you're going to polish glasses) to dampen and reactivate the ink. There are so many wonderful sites that can give you stamping advice that's better than mine if you'd like to know more. My best advise is to have fun with it. Get out those stamps and start mini-ing! :)


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