Monday, March 21, 2011

Colonial Blue Corner Cabinet

Still scratch building! This corner cabinet is was made from popscicle sticks and a door from a Michael's hutch. I love those things but they seem to be getting harder to find. I used Folk Art's Cayman Blue paint with a lot of weathering techniques, sanding and a layer of Soy Fruitwood stain over the top. The top and inner shelves (that you can't see) are Yellow Ochre. I may just have to give away one of my blotchy paint secrets soon if you're interested. :)
This trunk below is one more item made from the bottom of the o-so-versatile Michael's hutch with a little faux techniques on the lid and crackled and dirty French blue to finish it. The teddy on top was actually labeled as a "cat toy" at our local discount store and was dressed in Santa gear. What?? I think any normal cat would inhale and choke on it's little 1 inch height. So strange but I'm glad I found 2 for $2!


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