Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sweet Butterfly

I finally figured out punch needle! Every other time I've tried punch needle (kind of like latch hook in mini), I just keep pulling the thread out as I go along and end of up with a chewed up scrap of fabric with holes punched all through. Pitiful. I must have used the right fabric this time though because the stitches actually held! I was just playing around with a scrap corner of a larger pre-printed cross stitch. It's rather sloppy and lopsided, because I was just stabbing away, waiting for it to become my usual mess. The fringy edges are from the backing fabric that I frayed a bit. It's a beginning, anyway!
If you'd like to see some real art and punch needle inspiration, you should really check out Katie Arthur. I love her Early American, colonial style work. Just click here to travel over and say hi :)


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