Saturday, October 9, 2010

Finally Found it: Beacon Hill Update

I finally found the right shade of paint for my Beacon Hill! This is my childhood house, the memories of which reawakened my interest in miniatures about two years ago. The background story is here with a little more follow up here and here (<--- click on the words to link to those posts). It starts as a good Little-Girl-on-Christmas-Morning story, then descends into a tale of Dollhouse Neglect. Now I hope we are getting a little closer to Happily Ever After! What do you think?I love this shade of paint by Martha Stewart called Mushroom. It is just the right shade of gray with undertones of olive or even blue depending on the light. I've also weathered the shingles a bit with shades of gray and alcohol-ink washes to grey them a bit closer to realism as well. The epiphany came when I realized that tester-size pots of paint were available for less than $3 a piece in every possible shade that the paint store could come up with. Since I am SO dependent on color for inspiration, I just couldn't move on to anything else with this house until the exterior color was right. I also found some nifty ways to add more architectural interest to the outside of the house and break up some of the vertical lines. More details to come in future posts!
Previously, I wrote in this blog about my color woes, trying so hard to find the just the right shade of paint for the exterior : And no wonder! Look through the pics below to see all the patches of color that I was trying out! I was limiting myself to acrylic craft paints. Thank goodness for Martha Stewart.


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