Thursday, February 4, 2010

House of Many Colors

Ever have a style that you admire but that you just can't seem to recreate? I love the shabby chic style and thought that I found just the right colors of light blue, ivory and "bamboo." Unfortunately, the blue looked like bright cornflower blue. Just mix in a little gray and... no dice. Still an unfortunate color! I only wish it looked as good as this picture does. So, what if I use that bamboo tan for the body and the blue could maybe be a trim color? Nope. Wedgewood green? Italian sage? "Go bold," my husband said. Try dark colors. He thought red... I thought it looked like a barn. I want subtle and sophisticated. Right now, I have patchy and uninspired! :) Help!

I've found an inspiration photo that I like, but would it work? (<--Click on the word "photo" to see it). I really want the outside of this house done! Any ideas?


  1. What a great dollhouse! It will look fabulous done in a Victorian color scheme.

    Here's some links that might help in your decision making process... (this is a really good link!)

    mini hugs

  2. I made a mistake on the first link :(it's for interior colors. Here's the right link for the exterior Victorian colors:

  3. I like how it looks in the first picture with the french-vanilla trim and the dusty blue body color. Can you alter your colors to match the photo? It looks very "Cape May NJ"

  4. I liked the dusty blue and ecru color combination also! Glad to have found your blog. You sound like a kindred spirit. I am also a jack of all trades, master of none. I will enjoy seeing what you choose!




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