Saturday, November 26, 2011

Built in Cabinetry and a Mystery Gap

I wrestled with whether to make the final room in the Beacon Hill first floor a kitchen or a library. Then I looked at this Home Economics class picture above from my 1920's textbook and I realized that no education for girls of the time would be complete without a teaching kitchen! I already had the Chrysnbon stove below and it certainly fit. Decision made, I moved ahead.
There is a strange gap between the windows and a support structure in the Beacon Hill that has always bothered me. If I did ceiling trim, where would I put it? Inside? Outside? I could do ceiling beams but that didn't fit the Beacon Hill's architectural story in my mind.
I put in open shelving below the windows, but the gap still drove me crazy.
Well, what kitchen can't use more storage? The solution: Cover it up as built in cabinetry! Here's a preliminary mock up using foam board. Purchased shutters from would function as panels for the cabinet doors.
I built a simple table and covered all of the foam panels with balsa, the shutters and pieces of trim wood. Wondering what the opening cabinet door is for?
It's a drop down ironing board, also authentic to the very modern 1920's kitchen.
Here it is covered with a cute fabric that will have to be changed out because it just doesn't match!
Now the next question is paint or stain? To be continued...


  1. This looks fabulous! I love how you have solved the problem. :)

  2. Awesome kitchen! I love the floors and the resolutions you came up with. =)

  3. I have fallen desperately in love with the Beacon Hill, and your idea of a girls school is brilliant. I love the progress of the kitchen and an ironboard is a MUST.

  4. You have found good solutions, the kitchen is great.

  5. Good thinking!!! The space looks excellent. Cheers. Lj

  6. Es un maravilloso trabajo, estoy fascinada. Enhorabuena. Abrazos. Teresa



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