Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ultimate Illusion!

Don't you just love the shimmer of streetlights on wet streets?
Or the dry, crunchy sound of snow beneath your tires as you pull into your driveway at the end of a long day?
Don't you love it even more when that street, house and car is really a miniature?
This is the amazing work of artist and model builder Michael Paul Smith who has a gift for realism and using photography to bring his models to life! I honestly thought I was looking at real vintage photographs. What an amazing talent! He loves to share little tips about his technique too; how generous is that?! Click on his name above to link to his Flickr account or to this link for a write up on the "Beautiful Life" site with more beautiful pictures. Maybe you can fool a friend or two :)


  1. Absolutely amazing!! Thanks for sharing this link - this man is very talented.

  2. He truly is an artist! I've found myself just staring at his work trying to find even the hint of a clue that it's a mini. He's brilliant at using real life backdrops to pose setups - and I love that he doesn't use PhotoShop. Thanks for sharing those links! :)

  3. Amazing! Thank you for the link :)

  4. Isn't it fantastic that even the texture of the snow and the grit on the road is so perfect? I love the puddles that leave the impression that it must have just rained the night before, and the tire tracks in the snow.

  5. fanastic link! thanks so much...
    hugs Karin



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