Monday, May 17, 2010

Inspiration in Dry Times

It have really missed being able to write about my mini projects! With all the hush-hush of preparing for the Greenleaf contest, I've had to take pics and restrain myself but I promise it won't be too much longer! The contest deadline is Memorial Day (at the end of May) and then I'll have a flooring tutorial, lots of pics and other tuts that I can't mention yet (sigh). In the meantime, how about a little inspiration pics for you? These are all real life pics I've found online or in magazines and tucked away for those dry times when I need a little idea boost...

My son would LOVE this bed! Love the colors and plan on recreating this for my Beacon Hill: Just beautiful, clean lines. I love corners that would make good book nooks :) This is also going be part of my Beacon Hill:
I don't even love pink but this pic could win me over! I adore this set up and am really inspired by the Swedish design styles. I love settings like this that just make you feel peaceful.

Hope that holds you all over for a little longer! LOL Remember to click on the pics for more detail.


  1. How funny - I have that Better Homes and Gardens pic saved to my 'inspiration' file too!

    Can't wait for all your secret work to be revealed!!!

  2. Oh, what a wonderful bed for a little boy! That is too cute! And I love the Swedish pink gingham, too. Thanks for the inspiration.




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