Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Mysteries

I knew I asked the right group of people about my mystery items yesterday! Thank you for your responses! Punch needle and bias tape makers sound right. The clips don't have a hole in the end however; the metal is just folded with a chisel shaped tip; no openings except the side just like a big binder clip. Would that still work?
Here is the lovely sewing chest that started it all.How about the prices on these Boye hooks below? I wish my hobbies were that cheap now! 1930's-40's maybe?
The two below are unmarked on the other side of the throat, completely smooth.
These are my next mystery hooks. The first is marked "minerva".
#2 doesn't have a throat at all, #3 and 4 are stamped (not raised) with 10 and 13 but nothing on the other side and the last has no markings at all and that interesting hole.
The heads are so tiny!

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  1. The Boye hooks are probably from the 40s or early fifties. I find those in the thrift shops here by the dozens. The other finer ones are definitely earlier Probably from the 20s or 30s. I must have ran into the collection of a cousin of the person that had these.LOL I have most of the same hooks and most from one collection. I also have some of the same threads. I use mine all the time. The finest ones for mini crochet. You really did good. That sewing chest is really nice.

    I always thought that my grandmother must have been looking over my shoulder when I found the thread. Her name was Daisy too!



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