Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Antique Find and a Mystery for all you Crochet Friends

I just made the most wonderful antique find that had my name written all over it... literally! My husband and I were looking through an antique shop and I saw one of those sewing boxes on a stand. Being nosy, I opened it up and it was as if I had opened a time capsule! The entire box (which miraculously still had one tray left) was full of antique and vintage crochet hooks, knitting needles, threads, and embroidery floss. I fell in love of course and took it home. (Did I mention it was only $39 on sale??)

Then I saw the labels on the cotton threads... it was meant to be found by me!
I even found two 3 foot sections of homemade lace, a wonderfully worn embroidery hoop, and more vintage Coates & Clark thread. What a precious gift from the woman whose hands created beauty with some thread and simple tools...
I've spent hours researching all my finds and found a wonderful site all about crochet hooks by the Hook Lady. There are bone knitting needles, lots of Boye and Susan Bates hooks, 2 "Non-Inflammable" plastic hooks from the 60's and a few unmarked and unsized hooks that I'd love to know more about. There are even 2 black Boye hooks that may be a rare kind made briefly during WWII? Any experts out there? :) Here is the mystery, friends; can you help me identify these?
  1. The middle object below has a hollow tip and looks like it may be used for punch needle?
  2. The other pieces are _____? They are marked GMA USA
  3. One more hook that I missed taking a picture of... I have a hook marked VICTORIA which has an oval hole right through the throat where you rest your thumb. It looks as though it might give you a blister after a while! What is that about??
Thank you for any clues you may have to help me! I love a good mystery but solving them is even better! :)


  1. Hello, welcome back :-)
    What a lucky find, it was destiny.
    It's nice that things have many lives, in spite of the time...
    Mini hugs, Flora

  2. I wonder if the two triangular pieces pictured with the needle were used to fold cloth strips into bias tape shape so they could be braided..?

  3. Daisy, the middle item is indeed a punch needle. The two on the outside might be bias tape makers. It would help if you turn one over so that we could see the other side. Is there any kind of hole on the other side?

    As for the black hooks, I have several of those too. I have a feeling that they are earlier than WWII. Mine are well worn.

    Could you possibly show some photos of the needles lain out, printing up? It would be easier to identify them. I could probably shed some light on which are bone, ivory or plastic.

    You are a lucky girl! How about a photo of the sewing box too? I collect a lot of this kind of stuff. Very interested in seeing the rest.

  4. Qué bien que hayas encontrado todo eso. Aquí en los mercadillos se encuentran de vez en cuando hilos y cosas antiguas.

    Espero que pases por mi nuevo blog:

    Un beso



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