Sunday, May 8, 2011

What do You Do When you're Done with a House?

Well, what I seem to do is 1. put is away, 2. admire it for a while, then 3. take it apart for the joy of creating something new with it! For me it seems, it's the process, not the end product that is therapeutic so I just can't leave well enough alone for long. I've been enjoying making lots of little things lately that really don't fit in any one house so what should I do with the shabby chic, country style and child accessories? I'll put them in a flea market style shop with booth areas of various styles, a wonderful hodge-podge of things that I like that don't have to match each other one little bit. The Orange Blossom is no more! As you can see, the owners are still moving in and getting their things out of storage...


  1. I either redo them after admiring them for awhile or sell them (for money to make new

  2. I compleatly get this!!! I love the process too!!!


  3. same here..the creativeness takes over and wooooosh its something else :D Linda x

  4. Wonderful idea! It's like any real life lives as one thing or another for awhile, then someone else acquires it and changes it to suit their own desires and so on. :D

  5. Looking forward to the renovation!

  6. Love the pictures in this entry, hope to see more of these.
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