Saturday, May 21, 2011

Does a Baby Blanket Count as Mini?

I thought I should show you the mini-distraction that's been taking me away from my dollhouses: crochet! My mom is a gifted artist in crochet and knitting and I'm doing my best to learn it too. It'll be a long while before my work is close to where I'd like it to be but here it is anyway :) This is a baby blanket gift for a dear friend. If only you could touch it through the computer screen!! It is a Chenille yarn by Bernat called Baby Blanket that is as thick as pipe cleaners and about the softest thing you've ever touched. My friend is decorating in blue but found out she's having a girl. That of course was the perfect excuse to make it feminine with crochet flowers of the same yarn in pink. The leaf and yellow center are made from a fuzzy yarn called "Moon and Stars" by Red Heart.

I had some pom-pom style yarn that I've been dying to use so when crocheting certain sections I used 2 strands at the same time; the pom-pom and chenille or a multicolor and the chenille. Here's a close up:
The pocket in the corner is the perfect spot to tuck a favorite stuffed animal. Good night and sweet dreams for the little one!


  1. This is so sweet, I bet she will love it. :)

  2. awww, the blanket is beautiful! I love the pocket! You are so talented, what a wonderful gift! Mini blessings, Kim

  3. A fine and nice blanket, yeh, the idea with the pocket and the small rabit very nice and good.

  4. It looks beautiful, love the pocket too, great idea, the mom to be will love it!
    * marlies

  5. Such a sweet gift. I hope she likes it.

  6. That is so cute and the sweetest blanket....

  7. It looks just as soft and cuddly as you describe it, and a lovely idea to put the pocket in it.
    Sandie (Snippets from my Studio)



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