Saturday, February 27, 2010

Joining the Etsy Bandwagon!

Well, I've finally taken the plunge and joined Etsy! I've wrestled and wondered if there would be anyone interested in buying my work and realized there was only one way to find out... :)You can visit my shop at if you are interested. While I currently have 3 items available, I will be adding more in the next day or so and creating more based on demand. Mostly though, thanks for all your support as you read this blog and share your gifts online in your own blogs. Thanks for coming along the journey with me!


  1. They are gorgeous Daisy, but WAY too cheap!! Best of luck :)

  2. Lovely items and I know you will do well! I 'hearted' two of your items and hope you'll consider joining Team MIDS. You can find us in the forums and it's a wonderful group of very supportive, encouraging mini artisans! I especailly love the shabby chic wall shelf! So pretty.


  3. I'm at that crossroads too Daisy. Good Luck!

  4. Your minis are great theres an award for you at my blog



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