Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weathered and Worn Paint

I love the look of weathered and chipped paint. I originally designed this piece to be hung on the wall but then I flipped it over for a moment and then discovered that I kind of liked it as a stand-alone sideboard. What do you think? Remember you can click the pictures for a closer look.


  1. I think I like it also more as a "stand-alone".
    Perhaps it's because I prefer the door on the left side? But I think the proportions are better for a sideboard.
    The weathered look is great!

  2. I prefer in the "hung": it maybe because I own a similar model in my kitchen 1 / 1 ?!
    Mini hugs, Flora

  3. Very creative. Maybe I'll flip some things over and see how they look? I might be surprised!

  4. I'm voting sideboard, but really I think it'd be great for either. The distressing is fabulous.

  5. The painting is awesome! I like it either way. Sometimes happy accidents lead to great ideas! :D

  6. Stand alone...too cute. What a great piece, I love it. It will look great anyway you use it.

  7. Así parece Que Tiene muchos Años de uso . Le ha mortajar sin Acabado perfecto . Enhorabuena ¡ ! Besos Clara

  8. the cracking paint are fantastic! I love it!
    I prefer the mobile hanging on the wall, as also because sideboard I feel it is too low ...
    many compliments!!

  9. How handy...a 2 in 1 hung and stand will look graet anyway you decide to use it!

    You did also a great job on making it look very old and used,just perfect!


  10. ´No se por cual opción inclinarme, dependera del resto de la estancia.
    El acabado esta fantastico. Besitos, May



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