Saturday, January 9, 2010

On A Roll!

Ever have one of those days where you're having fun and where creativity just seems to flow from your fingertips? I had one of those wonderful days recently and just churned out a series of accessories and shelves for my Beacon Hill dollhouse.
In case you're keeping count, I have 3 houses; the Orchid which is a Victorian era shop and living quarters with a little shabby-chic girly flavor, a Westville which is a 1930's era farmhouse and my someday-to-be-glorious Beacon Hill. The BH was my dollhouse as a girl and after years in storage, it is home. I've talked about it in a previous post or two with pictures of the broken bits and dust bunnies that it collected. I've cleaned it up and applied gesso to almost every surface and now..... I have no idea what color to paint it.
As I usually do when it's time to make a decision like that, I avoid the issue altogether and make accessories! :) But oh, what fun it was! The house will be our current era, filled with folk art and antiques.
Here's a rundown on the items pictured:
  1. More Michael's hutches put to work as a girly dresser and a bookcase. I added molding to the bookcase. The dresser has eyelet hooks as the hardware, at least for now.
  2. The black painted bookcase and shelves are Michael's hutches too. I distressed and papered them for a country primitive look.
  3. A plastic rooster I stole from my son's room and turned into "copper" with teal, white, and copper acrylic paint.
  4. A yellow cabinet with a fruit crate label decoupaged on the front. The coppery handles are pieces of fancy toothpicks as are the pegs on the little shelves.
  5. The girl picture is scrapbook paper (Graphic 45 brand) and the frame is a cardboard frame for scrapbooking the a glued string designs onto and then painted.
  6. More bead charms make the little (tipped) chair and telephone for the girl's room. They'll be painted someday.
Probably more info than you needed :)


  1. Daisy, I really like so much your stile and the way you make up things ! I love the boy room your kitchen and virtually everything you've shown to us. Rosanna

  2. Daisy your pieces look fantastic! I have a bunch of the Michael's hutches. (at a buck each I buy about 5 each time I go in!) I am curious as to how you go about bashing them? I have a couple that were broken when I bought them (didn't realize they were at the time) and would love to know how to safely bash away at them.

  3. The best tip I've heard so far is to put them in the microwave. About 10 seconds first,then 5-10 seconds more after that. It loosens the glue enough that you can pull/cut them apart at the seams. After that, just let your imagination go and save every scrap. You never know when a little piece will come in handy!

  4. Thanks Daisy...I will definitely give microwaving them a go! BTW I am working on your prize too...I have several ideas running through my head for you. I am hoping to get your prize out this week. =D



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