Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Westville Bedroom

Since I posted the quilt tutorial yesterday, I thought I should share what my Westville bedroom looks like now. It still needs pillows and a couple more accessories but it's on it's way! The sun might have been a little too bright on that furniture! I just picked up the guitar and case at a local show and the dresser was at a flea market.
See the lovely crocheted blanket? I get no credit because I bought it also. :)


  1. What a wonderful room!

  2. Hallo Daisy, thank you for following. Your house is truly pretty and sweet. Rosanna

  3. What about the paintings ? I am still trying to figure out how you make that quilt ! lol. I am a little confused , so you cut 1 inch squares, sew them next to each other and then turn it sideways, and cut them? hmm? This is one truly pretty room:)

  4. Sans,
    The framed painting on the wall was a gift from a friend and is fairly old. I painted the murals and the mini paintings.

    As for the quilt, you first sew together long strips of fabric, not squares. That's just too much work! :) Once you've sewn all those 1 inch wide strips together, you have a big piece of fabric that looks striped. Does that make sense?

  5. Makes perfect sense now :). I love the mural. That was what struck me 1st about this room. And after that, all the little details caught up with me and I do love how they are all fitted in. I think that old painting is precious. It is as if she was standing in this same room, but of another time. Great work, Daisy.



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