Monday, October 12, 2009

A Beginning...

I love the little things in life that make it so precious... my family, nature, and dabbling in anthing creative! Since I was born a little late to experience the Little House on the Prairie era, what better way to explore my love of antiques and handcrafting than through miniatures? Minis aren't just houses for dolls, but a way to explore and learn about architecture and history, craft with wood and paint and paper and fabric; a world that we create in which everything is in order... What a marvelous stress reliever! Thanks for exploring it with me.

Here's the back story... When I was a little girl, my grandmother gave me a Greenleaf Beacon Hill dollhouse for Christmas. It was marvelous (check out their wonderful site!) and I spent hours sitting as close as I could to it so that I could imagine myself in those wonderful scenes. I grew up and forgot about miniatures until last Christmas. I started feeling sentimental and my wonderful husband took me to an antique store.

There sitting up on a shelf was a very neglected, gaudily painted
Orchid by Greenleaf. I rescued the little house and since then I've been hooked! During the painting process and ....after!
She's still a work in progress... more pics soon...


  1. Hi Daisy! You are off to a great start. Love the rehab Orchid!

    I get to be your first follower. I will be watching!

  2. Thanks Casey! I'm honored that you joined; I check your blog constantly and love your work/play :)

    Welcome aboard and I hope I'm worth watching!

  3. Hi I left you an award on my blog


  4. I have decided that today, I shall read all your posts from Day 1 :). This is my 1st one after your last post and I am already loving it!



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